Root's Strategy Pack

Strategy Execution through People®

You have your strategy in place. It’s solid. Everyone loves it. Your work is done. Nope! It’s only really just begun.

The hardest and most overlooked part of strategy planning is the actual execution. This is what’s going to differentiate your company. No joke!

Root's Strategy Pack gives you approaches, tools and best practices for thinking about strategy deployment and sustainment in a completely different way. Already rolled out your strategy? Don’t you worry! These ideas can also reinvigorate your deployment and sustainment activities.

Download Root's Strategy Pack, and make your next strategy or initiative a standout!

What's included

  • White paper: Successful Strategy Execution is All About Behaviors
  • White paper: Six Approaches for Strategy Success and Results
  • White paper: What’s Missing in your Strategy Execution Recipe?
  • How-To paper: A Three-Phase Approach to Making Sure Your Strategy Doesn’t Get Stuck
  • Strategy Deployment Health Check: Rate the success of your current deployment process

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